Thursday, June 13, 2019

Trees Florida 2019

Please consider attending the 2019 Tree Florida Conference at the Fort Lauderdale Mariottt on June 17th through the 19th. City Manager Chris Lagerbloom will be providing an opening conference address and numerous City sites and historic trees/areas will be included as part of the conference agenda and bus tour. For registration information and to access the conference agenda please click here.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Upcoming City Quarterly Tree Giveaway Event

Please note that preregistration will close on June 3rd for the City of Fort Lauderdale's next Neighbor Tree Giveaway event to be held on June 8th at Mills Pond Park. Please view the below flyer for additional information and to pre-register click here.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Annie Beck Memorial Tree

In early 1930, Fort Lauderdale resident and pioneer Ms. Annie Beck planted a tree seedling in front of her home, growing into what has become a cherished local treasure. Her Silver Trumpet tree (Tabebuia caraiba) has provided years of enjoyment with its golden floral displays and corky-textured bark. Over the course of our seasonal history, this tree survived many hurricanes and a few environmental challenges. But, it may not have withstood the pressures of redevelopment without the help of the Fort Lauderdale Garden Club (originally founded by Ms. Annie Beck in 1927) who sought out a new and permanent home for this historic tree.

In November of 1997, ISA Certified Arborist and local landscape architect L.Thomas Chancey was hired to oversee the tree relocation project. Because of the tree’s age, species, condition and the existing soil characteristics, this project proved to be a worthy challenge.

From November of 1997 through June of 1998, manual root pruning was first performed in segments over a seven-month time period. Root pruning was an important step in making sure that the roots had adequate time to begin regenerating prior to relocation. In order to avoid any further root damage, it was also necessary to gradually remove existing coral rocks that had embedded over time into the tree’s roots. A tree protection fence was also installed around the tree’s dripline to protect the tree from ongoing construction activities.

Finally, on July 25, 1998 the tree was successfully transplanted using a large crane. A steel rod was drilled into the tree trunk and straps wrapping the roots were attached to it. The crane then lifted the secured tree and moved it to its new, permanent home on the NE corner of Bubier Park located at 32 E Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale. From that day forward, this iconic Silver Trumpet tree is affectionately referred to as The Annie Beck Tree. Original news article concerning the tree’s move is available here.

Today, the Annie Beck Tree continues to thrive, boldly showcasing its spectacular flower display and unique trunk structure, much to the pleasure and amazement of City of Fort Lauderdale neighbors and delighted out-of-town guests.

 Tree being relocated by crane July 25, 1998.

 Fort Lauderdale Garden Club members Rose Bechard-Butman & Ann Schandelmayer by the tree July 25, 1998.

ISA Certified Arborist and local landscape architect L. Thomas Chancey visiting the tree April 23, 1999.

Annie Beck Tree Today


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Pre-registration Now Open for Next City Quarterly Tree Giveaway Event

Preregistration is now open for the City of Fort Lauderdale's next Neighbor Tree Giveaway event to be held on June 8th at Mills Pond Park. Please view the below flyer for additional information and to pre-register click here.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Arbor Day Tree Dedication Ceremony

Please join us this upcoming Friday April 26th, 2019 for the City of Fort Lauderdale's Annual Arbor Day Event.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

NWF Community Wildlife Habitat Certification

The City of Fort Lauderdale strives to protect our wildlife through preservation of greenspace, night lighting adjustments, waterway guidelines and more including the targeted development of habitat. We are participating in the National Wildlife Federation's Community Wildlife Habitat™ program, which provides a fun way for residents, businesses, students and local organizations to get involved in protecting our wild neighbors.

What is a Certified Community Wildlife Habitat? 

The Certified Community Wildlife Habitat™ program is designed to encourage localities to achieve a critical mass of habitat suitable for native species. We have adopted growing habitats as part of the City’s vision and strategic plans, and monitoring our current certification provides us with an accountability system. Maintaining our Community Wildlife Habitat certification will strengthen the quality of our ecosystem, making us more resilient, and getting us further towards other goals outlined in the City’s Sustainability Action Plan and long term vision.

How to Get Involved 

Want to get involved in making Fort Lauderdale a happier, healthier, and greener place for your neighbors, including the wild ones? Visit our page to learn how to Build Your Own Certified Wildlife Habitat. There, you can learn how to create a habitat or certify an existing space. You can build a habitat as an individual project, or band together with your neighbors to certify a whole neighborhood. You can also get involved in the wider regional effort. Visit the NatureScape Broward Volunteer page for information on getting involved with Florida Master Gardeners, Florida Master Naturalists, Natural Wildlife Federation Habitat Stewards, and the North American Butterfly Association. Visit NWF's webpage on Certified Community Wildlife Habitats for additional information and to certify your property.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

March 23rd Tree Giveaway Event

Here is some pertinent information for the City of Fort Lauderdale's next Quarterly Tree Giveaway. For additional information about the City of Fort Lauderdale's Tree Giveaway Programs please visit the below web link: