Thursday, January 10, 2019

Champion Trees

Did you know that there are over 126 recognized National Champion trees in Florida? The most of any state!! In fact, two of Florida’s National Champion trees are located in the City of Fort Lauderdale.

A National Champion tree is defined as the largest tree of a particular species which must be recognized as either native, non-native, naturalized or a recognized naturally occurring variety in the United States. Some famous examples nation-wide include the “General Sherman” Giant Sequoia (California), “The Senator” Bald Cypress (Florida) and the “Angel Oak” (South Carolina).

Florida also has its own Champion Tree program for trees that may not be large enough for consideration as National Champions, but are still the largest species examples within the state. The City of Fort Lauderdale has one State Champion tree.

To learn how to identify and/or nominate a tree as a National or State Champion, visit the Florida Champion Trees program.

National Champion, Mahogany Tree

National Champion, Pitch Apple Tree

Florida Champion, Canary Island Date Palm

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